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NaNoWriMo, spiced with Yaoi and Lemon

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YaoiNaNo.... Exercise 1! Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 12:09 am
Wai! Wai! Now that we're all pretty familiar with each other... Let's do some fun exercises! *giggles* It's not much, but it's just something for fun and, hopefully, take a break from the insanity we called NaNo. >V<

So, in the reply, please fill in the following~!

1. Name
2. Word Count so far (you can use the NaNo progress meter at: http://www.feath.com/AFB/meter.php/)
3. In 100 words or less, tell us about your story so far!
4. What's the most ridiculous/tragic/shocking thing that happened in your story so far? (in the story or during writing is all ok.)
5. What is your projectile word count by the end of this first week of torture?
6. Number of coffee/tea/chocolate/caffeinated drink consumed
7. How much weight you'll gain by the end of NaNo? (>V<)
8. How many characters do you plan to kill in the story?
9. If your character is sitting right across you, what would you say to him?
10.Get into your character now, any one of them, and say something to you, as the author.

I'll try to think up some exercises every now and then, and if you want to do it, feel free to start one too!! *heart*
Introspection: curiouscurious
Inspiration: Voltaire - On Gothic Ground

Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 10:58 pm
Name: Kimagure
Email: chikitts@yahoo.com
Website: n/a
Location: Michigan
Nano '04 title: The Christmas Werewolf
Fandom: Original
Note: This year, I went with...Gay circus performer turned farmer falls in love with gay werewolf caught chewing on his cattle...or something like that. I like playing with characters, but usually have a distinct lack of ability when it comes to plotting. (Which may or may not be indicated by the fact that when I sat down to write two days ago, he was just a normal farmer. Then, bam, four paragraphs in and he has a huge cougar he's trained that trails after him, and in trying to explain that little quirk away, he ended up as an ex-circus performer with an aversion to being seen as anything but normal. X_x;;) I like to think of it as an improvement over last year since last year I had multiple characters in multiple locations that kept getting all confused. At least I know who the main characters are this time. ^-^;;

Hope everyone's doing better with their counts than I am at the moment! :3

Obligatory Introductory Post Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 06:50 am
Name: Ali
Email: lilwitchgirlc@yahoo.com
Websites: None but I do have two writing journals - one for fanfic (mimarinrin) and the other for original fic(chalatron)
Location: Ohio
NaNo '04 Title: Before Dark (working title)
Fandom: Original
Note: I post my word counts on my regular journal but I post excerpts on my original fiction one. All posts are friends-locked but if you'd like to take a look at what I'm working on, let me know. The piece is actually a prequel to a another project of mine. It's a mixture of fantasy, romance, and horror set in a setting based on medieval Japan. I did NaNo last year, couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to do it this year or what I wanted to work on. It's really groovy that there's a comm like this. Most of my friends are doing NaNo but none of them will touch slash with a ten foot pole and since that's primarily what I work on, I'm usually lacking in the support department. This place is a fabulous idea! :D
Introspection: optimisticoptimistic
Inspiration: Yuki Kajiura - Vanity

Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 04:38 am
Name: Becky
Email: ValimarLeo4@hotmail.com
Websites: N/a
Location: Southwest Virginia
NaNo '04 Title: Eyes of a Child
Fandom: Orginal
Note: Nothing really. Check out this journal, I guess. Userinfo has a summary, and the novel will be posted to it, friendslocked and in chapters. I'm going really slowly right now as I just got started tonight, but I am catching up. *G*

Nov. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:23 pm
Following the crowd, I figured I'd introduce myself.

Name: Gryvon
E-mail: khyrs @ yahoo.com
Website: http://www.gryvon.com
Location: Buffalo, NY

NaNo04 Title: The Third War
Fandom: Original
Note: ...gay mideval fantasy war story... yeah. There's technically a prequel to it but I decided to write the sequel first... Currently only at 2,800 or so words typed. Don't really have a good idea where it's going to end but I'll hopefully figure that out along the way. ^_^'
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» First Post~!
First dib on first post! *giggles* Welcome to NaNoWriMo community that's specially made for perverts like us~! *ROFLMAO* >V<  So um....... I'll make an intro post for myself.  You can follow my style, or just do whatever you want. 

Name: Hieru Youko
Email: hieru.pikachu@gmail.com
Website(s): http://www.silverillusions.nethttp://www.fanfiction.net/~hieruyouko
Location: Los Angeles area, California
NaNo '04 Title: Frozen Tears (link unknown yet)
Fandom: Original
Note: I'm looking for plot beta!!! >w<  What's a plot beta?  Well, it's basically a beta reader except I don't need any grammatical/spelling check, but I need someone to tell me "It's fine", "It's crap", or "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING AND WHAT DRUG ARE YOU DOING?!" *giggles* 

Think I need to add anything? *sweat drops*

Admin Stuff: Please rememeber to read the rules. *nod nod* It's not much, but it still need to be said.  Any question/concern please feel free to email me. ^_^

Happy NaNo-ing!
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