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NaNoWriMo, spiced with Yaoi and Lemon

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Wee~ Nov. 8th, 2005 @ 07:59 pm
Eek, this community seems dead....did the summer kill it?

Anywho, I'm almost 17,000 words into my novel for this year.

Title: The Exploits of Circle J
Main character: Dameon
Genre: Erotica/fantasy
Basic idea: Story takes place on the first in the outskirts of Texas, right on the state's first legal brothel of 2003. Jake, the cathouse owner (who turns out to be a vampiric walking sex symbol), seduces Dameon and turns him, then convinces Dameon to leave the home he's so used to and live inside the world of Circle J.

There is smut...weeee! Mostly m/m, but there might be other types of slash. Graphic language...ect...

If anyone's interested in reading then let me know. :)

How's everyone else doing?
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Oct. 7th, 2005 @ 02:06 pm
Anyone still posting here? Anyone doing Nanowrimo slash novels this year?

My novel- Splitsville - A tongue in cheek femmeslash, sci-fi, super-heroine story exploring subatomic theory and the well-worn literary idea of the other self- but mostly it will be smut.

What's yours?

the warm feeling... Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 10:45 pm
I just came to announce that I did it! I finished! :D Yay! And I still have 1 hour and 15 minutes left... n____n;
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A writing excercise: Write to your characters! Nov. 15th, 2004 @ 11:33 pm
Go ahead and try this. This is inspired by notetocharacter.  Just write to your character and complained at their incompetence or be in awe of them. Or you can have your characters write to you! Try it out and post it in this sleepy community! XD

Here's my example, I'll keep it small to two characters:

Dear Deimos,
Unlike your siblings, your cleverness outshines them! I mean seducing Alan to set you free from your prison and used a Yo-yo as your weapon of choice to defeat and whack your tormenter Ursula will have me laughing for a long time. I had to admit, you were meant to lighten the story's atmosphere with your comedic antics but you came out well-round because of your sincere feelings concerining Alan. Not bad for a clever Demon. X) Yo-yo's are unexpected weapons indeed besides Luan's huge Frying Pan of Doom.

Dear Mel,
It pains me to write you because you're a manifestation of my negative feelings towards life. Writing you is like writing me, I know it hurts when bullies make fun on how smart and gifted you are and then you get brutally beaten up for it. You're a nice boy but misunderstood. Don't worry, those bullies will pay and I'll make sure of that!

Your Goddess
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Week 3!!! Nov. 15th, 2004 @ 01:26 am
Hello people~!

How is everyone doing? I'm so sorry I haven't been as active as I'd liked for the past week... I had been very sick. T_T  Remember, even when NaNo is almost like the only thing that mattered in life now, your health is still very important too!!  You need a good, healthy body to write~! Otherwise, you'd be like me, getting all sick and unable to write. T_T

Did everyone read Chris Baty's email? I just got them this week and he is very inspirational.  I especially liked how he visualized the goal of NaNo, and your friends and family cheering for you.  So yes! It is week 3, and by now your story might be bogged down, clueless, and you're defeated.  But the goal is just so near!! You have already slaved away for 2 weeks, don't ever stop now!!!

Let's do some exercise!!

Exercise 3Collapse )

It won't take you long, but we all need love and support.  We aren't that huge of a community like other NaNo communities are, so we should really bond with each other and help them. ^_^  Then we can all go and laugh at other NaNo communities and say we have the highest winner rate. >V< Just kidding (about the laughing part only). ^_~

Ganbatte, everyone!
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» Yay!
Just wanted to say hi. I'm writing a slashy book for NaNoWriMo. It's jumbled and sucky, but y'all can see it here: booksoflequella

Note: I made it friends only due to the nature of my story, so just comment to read! (if anyone's interested)
» My characters are stupid.
Anybody here have cracked under pressure with writer's block? I have! Or at the very least anybody want to scream at their characters for being too stupid and uncooperative and not being horny enough? (>_<)
» hello~!
Name: Ilada
Email: loopledo@aol.com
Website(s): http://finalrose.enacre.net/ and the progress of my novel is on my LJ too.
Location: NYC
NaNo '04 Title: The Chronicles of the Gaea Wars (http://finalrose.enacre.net/cgaea.html)
Fandom: Original
Note: The premise this novel is about a war between Angels vs. Demons that lasted for 1,000 years. The real flip side is that Angels are evil (in sense like religious fantatics that force you to convert to their religion.) and the Demons are almost good. Almost. And they're fighting over the control of humans and ultimately the world. Humans have souls and their souls are the source of all life source. Angels breed them like cattle and killed them off while extracting their souls. Demons kidnaps humans for their own needs and evil intent but they kept them alive and spoil them like pets. As for Humans...they don't really have a choice. There will be other creatures too like werewolves, vampires, dragons and many more. There is Heaven. There is Hell. There is lot of crazy violence, gore and even more destructive violence. Characters will be induced to high-levels of angst.

The real funny about my novel is...there is no sex scene. None. Nada. I'm not good at sex scenes, so I just stick to romance. TwT

Since it hard for me to stick to one storyline, I divided the novel into short novellas or 6+ stories and count them under one title. I thought of many plotlines and always they fall so short.So it's like an anthology and anthologies do count as a novel. So there are many characters and many mutiple pairings (most of them are gay and there are some het couples too but most major characters are gay.)

Nice to meet you all! I hope I can think of many ways to encourage you in your 50,000 word count madness and help you out.
» Week 1 is Over!
Hey everyone! How're y'all doing? ^_^ Are any bishies getting laid yet? *snickers pervertly* Anybody dead (as in the story, of course!) >w< 

This is the week 2 of NaNoWriMo! Sometimes NaNo-ers said that this week is the second week slump, and people started to get discouraged of their NaNo-ing.  So! To prevent that so we can have more wonderfully written YAOI (that's the main point!) NaNo, let's do some exercises!!  Short ones, of course, and to help each other further along the road!!

Exercise 2~! When week 1 is over, you are.....Collapse )

Let the exercise begin~! *heart*
» Some Tips from NaNoWriMo Meeting today...
I went to the NaNoWriMo meeting where Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWriMo, was the guest speaker.  It was an awesome event! I was so surprised that there was not an empty seat in the room, and I had to sit on the book shelf 'cause there were just TOO many people there. *lol* He was an awesome speaker-- Humorous, alive, and witty.  He shared several points in completing NaNo, in which I think I should share here too (pardon me if I sound insane, 'cause adrenaline of the day is wearing thin and my brain is shutting down >V<)

1.  Keep a steady pace.  You lose one day, you lose A LOT.  Keep that fear of falling behind in your mind, and just keep on writing no matter what.  You can write just ten minutes a day, or five, six hours, as long you write everyday.

2.  Don't even WORRY about how suck your story is.  The first draft is ALWAYS bad.  Just worry about word count.  If you're horrible and a bitch (ok, that wasn't his exact word, but... >V<), do something like this! Write a speech, then had the person listening to it be having hard time hearing it, and repeat it again!! It sounds corny, but it gets your word count up!

3.  Focus on getting to your daily word count, and don't even start THINKING of a plot.  If there are some characters that jump out and scream at you for attention, go ahead and write them.  Chances are, at the end, you'll be able to tie everything together, and surprise yourself immensely.  You might not like how the story had side-tracked, or how bad the passage was or even how ridiculous the character was, and he/she didn't even fit into the plot! But hey, you never know when you go down the road!

4.  Take this challenge VERY seriously.  Not only just for novel writing, but for anything in life.  If something you have been trying to do for a long time, and you never did quite get around to it after your umptieth time of New Year Resolution.  Sit down, and plan somewhere in your year, and take 30 days of your time and just focus on it.  You'll be amazed on how the ride is.  Don't think about the end, just focus on what's shortly ahead.  It's like driving on the freeway, by yourself, without GPS or anything else, in the middle of the night.  You can only see what your head light show you in front, and nothing else. So focus on short-term goals, not long-term.  You'll be amazed at the result.

5.  Write together.  Have a challenge with someone.  Get those brain sizzle up and working.  Your brain, under impossible pressure, would actually jump into life and start working.  Grab a couple of local friends, raid a coffee shop with plugs, and sit together.  Whoever wins the word count by the end of the 40 minute session get a free coffee of their choice.  It gets you under pressure, and it energize your brain.  You'll find yourself write so much quicker and freely when you get home.

And finally.... Remember, it's OK to suck. Keep on working on it.  Focus ONLY on the word count. You'll have a long time edit it later. And all of the books that you loved so much suffer through that horrible, insanely bad, first draft. Don't worry about your grammar, lock your inner critics, and forget about coherence or sanity.  Your only goal is to let your brain go WILD, and as wild as it can be.  Close your eyes, watch the TV, sing an opera... Whatever you do, let your fingers roam on your keyboard and don't even read what you wrote until you're ready to call it a day.  You may have passages that you just want to vomit on, but you might find a diamond in the midst of the junk.  That's the whole purpose of this event.

Chris Baty also wrote a book called "No Plot? No Problem!" about NaNoWriMo. I'm sure you can buy it anywhere.  I got mine signed by him. >w< *heart* I'm kinda summarizing what Chris said in the meeting, and adding in some of my own.  Here's something I found utterly exciting and thrilling about:

Remember the English teacher back in high school, junior high, or elementary school that you just want to STRANGLE them? Well, guess what? They have lower word count than you do.

And I am NOT kidding you. *LOL*  Good luck everyone! *heart*
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